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proud to be nurse

Who are we?

Zefat Nursing School 

Adjacent and annexed to the Ziv Medical Center, Zefat Nursing School is Government affiliated and is located in Israel’s most northern region – the Upper Galilee. The hospital itself is situated in Zefat, the world famous Kabalistic Center.

The School caters to the population of the whole Galilee Region, a population which is ethnically and religiously diverse, a multicultural tapestry consisting of Jews, Moslems and Christians living in both rural and urban settings. The Jewish populace is of all cultural groups such as Ashkenazi, Sephardim, Ethiopian and Russian originating Immigrants, all these ranging from Secular to Orthodox persuasions. The Arab population consists of Moslem, Bedouins, Druze and Christians. The region also boasts a minute and unique minority – Circassian Moslems.

Zefat Nursing School enjoys the reputation for being a school that, while striving for academic excellence, devotes itself to its’ students academic and personal well-being. This reputation brings us an annual influx of students not only from the area itself, but also from the whole of Israel.

Established in 1959, the school today teaches over 250 students annually and runs diverse programs including:

  • Registered Nursing Diploma
  • Registered Nursing Diploma for non-Nursing Science Postgraduates.
  • OJT (on job training) courses for nurses working in the region. 

School Mission

Our main goal is the preparation of professional, culturally congruent and qualitative nurses, able to function within a multiculturally diverse society. Our programs emphasize the development of caring and reflective communication, attitudes and skills. We believe in the importance of a community approach, focusing on health promotion outreach programs. 

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